The best environmental and sustainability projects in Romania, awarded at the second edition of the Green Report Gala

Bucharest, 19 January 2023 – The best environmental and sustainability projects in Romania were awarded on Wednesday  January 18 at the second edition of the Green Report Gala, the most prestigious annual event dedicated to the recognition of sustainability initiatives carried out in Romania by companies, public institutions or individuals.

The Green Report Gala, held this year under the theme “Man, King of Nature”, is an unprecedented project in the field of environmental issues in Romania and aims to recognise and reward local merits of companies, authorities and public individuals in the fight against global environmental threats.

For the transition to sustainability to be successful, it is essential to recognise and reward performance in this area, precisely to encourage and stimulate other relevant initiatives, both for the protection of the environment and of people.

Based on a clear and transparent mechanism, the 81 projects entered in the 11 categories of the Green Report competition were evaluated by a jury of environmental and sustainability experts: Ramona Jurubiță, Country Managing Partner, KPMG Romania & Vice-President of the Foreign Investors Council, Marius Brînzea, Strategy Director, Reciclad’OR, Andreea Mitiriță, Partner, PwC Romania, Laura Vrînceanu (Ciobanu), Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability, EY Romania, Sorin Elisei, Director, Leader of Sustainability and Energy Practices, Deloitte Romania and Florin Stoican, President, Kogayon and Văcărești Natural Park Associations.

Barna Tanczos, Minister for the Environment, Water and Forests, said: “I welcome the initiative of Green Report, which, once again on the occasion of this year’s edition under the motto ‘Man, King of Nature’, is rewarding people from companies, public institutions and public individuals who have found local solutions to global environmental problems, aware that our only chance is a sustainable world. And while we have taken on this role as sovereigns of nature, we must not forget that a king must be gentle, understanding and attentive to the needs of the kingdom, find solutions and set an example of civic behaviour, involvement and responsibility. This is how we should all behave towards nature. With kindness, with understanding, always trying to identify problems and find solutions, and being involved with responsibility, because, if we are to look at things more philosophically, we are not the masters of the planet. The planet does not exist because of us, we are the ones who exist because of the planet! The planet is the home of our body and just as we take care of the houses we live in with our family, so we should take care of the planet, which is the basis of our existence.

Raluca Fișer, President of the Green Revolution Association said: The second edition of the Green Report Gala celebrates the initiatives of those who assume both power and responsibility towards their fellow human beings and the environment.  Whether they represent business, local and central public institutions or civil society, they are working hard and consistently towards a common goal: sustainability. We thank and appreciate all those who entered the competition. Thanks to them we know that our initiative and efforts are rewarded. All the awarded projects are examples of good practice for the ideas and initiatives undertaken, but above all for the results. We believe they can inspire other companies, public institutions or non-governmental organisations to better and faster understand the benefits of a more environmentally friendly approach.

At the second edition of the Green Report Gala, which took place on 18 January, the following were awarded:

  • Fundația Comunitară București in the category EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP
  • Banca de Resurse Genetice Vegetale „Mihai Cristea” Suceava in the category EXCELLENCE IN BIODIVERSITY PROJECTS
  • Fundația Comunitară București in the category EXCELLENCE IN FINANCING ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS
  • Statiunea de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Agricolă Brăila (Brăila Agricultural Research and Development Station) in the category EXCELLENCE IN AGRI-FOOD
  • Biomass NRG Consulting in the category ENERGY EFFICIENCY EXCELLENCE
  • Act for Tomorrow Association in the category EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGNS

The award in the category of EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION was not awarded due to the lack of good enough projects.

The host of the event was Zoli Toth, musician, entrepreneur, environmental activist, radio producer and percussion teacher from Romania.

The Green Report Gala, hosted by the Throne Hall of the National Art Museum of Romania (formerly the Royal Palace), was held in accordance with the theme of sustainability, both in the decor of the hall and in the choice of trophies and diplomas.

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