This policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the practice related to personal data we collect by the Website, hosted and operated from Romania. This policy does not govern the collection of information by any website than this one. We encourage you to read this Policy before you use our website. Using this Website, you agree with the terms and conditions of this Policy.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website.
1. The information collected by RECICLAD’OR S.A. There are two types of information: “Personal Data”, information by which an individual may be identified and “Aggregated Information”, by which an individual may not be identified.
a. Aggregated information. When you visit or interact with the Website, RECICLAD’OR S.A. and the third parties contracted by RECICLAD’OR S.A. to receive the services, may collect anonymous information by three sources: server log file, cookies and pixel tags.

i. Server file.
You IP address identifies a number addressed automatically to your computer by the ISP (Internet Server Provider). This number is identified and logged automatically in the server files whenever you visit the website, together during the visit and on the web page you visit. We use the IP address to calculate the levels of use of the Website, in order to diagnose the issues with the servers and to administer the website. We can also use the IP addresses to communicate or to block the access of visitors that do not agree with the Conditions and Terms of use. The collection of IP addresses is a standard online procedure and is used automatically by many websites. RECICLAD’OR S.A. shall collect the customized private data, for instance: name, address, phone number or email address (these ones will be hereinafter referred to as the ‘private data’), only if you supply them at your sole discretion. If you do not want that your data be collected, we will ask you not to send such data. The data sent – unless specified otherwise – may be used as follows: storage and processing for a better understanding of your needs and the improvement of the products and services; contacting (within promotions; this one may be realized by third parties that will act according to our instructions); forwarding the compressed information about the users or visitors of our website – only exclusively under a non – customized manner – to third parties. We will not sell, lease or use to other marketing purposes your private data or the data of third parties to third parties. We ask parents to be aware that RECICLAD’OR S.A. will use the private data according to this policy. Anyhow, the private data sent voluntarily by children during the exchange of emails, in chat sessions or on the Bulletin boards etc. may be used by third parties for unwanted emails. Therefore, RECICLAD’OR S.A. advise all parents to train their children related to the responsible and safe use of private data.

Automatically Stored Additional Information

Under certain conditions, the non-customized technical information may be stored automatically, for example, not by recording, but when you visit our website. This thing may be connected, for instance, to the type of Internet Browser you use, to the computer operation system and to the website field from where you visited our website.

ii. Cookies

Cookies are files sent from a web server to the computer of a person in order to archive. Cookies are used by most of websites and help simplify the continuous access to a specific website and to its use.
Cookies do not produce damages to the system installed on your computer or to files and only the website that sent that specific cookie may read, modify or delete that cookie. If you do not want this information to be stored by means of cookies, most of browsers have simple methods that allow the deletion of stored cookies, the automated denial of cookies or the selection between the acceptance and the denial of certain cookies sent to your computer. Anyhow, you should know that the denial of cookies makes difficult even impossible for you to « use » parts of a website.

iii. Information Placed Automatically on your Computer –Pixel Tags

The website may use the so called “pixel tags”, “clear GIFs” or other such help (customarily referred to “pixel tags”) to collect basic statistical data over the use of the website and the reaction quotes. Pixel Tags allow a number of visitors that visited certain web pages to be numbered, brand services be supplied and analysis of the promotion efficiency and advertising campaigns. When they are used as email messages HTML formatted, the pixel tags may tell the sender if and when the email was opened.