How to use the cookie files?

RECICLAD’OR wants to set the cookies on your computer to help us improve your experience on our website.

The new EU legislation requires us to inform you how to use cookies. By this text we explain to you how to use cookies.

We consider that it is important to protect your confidentiality and to be open-minded related to the modality in which we use your data. This notice is to keep you informed and to help you enjoy of our websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are merely text files containing pieces of data, collected when you visit a website. They are meant to help the websites identify the past activity of users. This thing may include the action to follow if you clicked special links or web pages, if you logged in your profile account, or if you read certain web pages during a period of many months or even years.

There are different types of cookies and in their absence, the websites could not function as you were used to use them.

RECICLAD’OR website uses special cookies in order to supply the best possible experience and only those cookies we consider necessary and useful are used.

According to the new regulations, we also explain to you what type of cookies are used on this website, so that to be able to decide if you are satisfied, if you want to delete the existent cookies or even to disable the use of cookies when you visualize our website.

Types of cookies used on RECICLAD’OR website?

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential cookies in order to enable you to fully experience our website and use its features. These cookies do not collect information about you that might be used for publicity or to account for your online activity.

Performance cookies

Acestea colectează informații despre modul în care folosiți un site web, de exemplu, care sunt paginile vizualizate cel mai des și dacă întâmpinați mesaje de eroare. Acestea nu colectează informații care vă pot identifica, toate datele fiind anonime. Cookie-urile de performanță sunt folosite doar pentru a îmbunătăți modul în care funcționează site-ul.

Functionality cookies

These ones register the selections you make (such as the preferred language) and supply the customized features. These ones may record the modifications you made on the website. The information that they collect may be anonymous. They refer strictly to our websites and cannot follow other websites you visualize.

Target cookies

These cookies supply advertising or relevant messages according to your interests. Sometimes the target cookies are related to other websites, such as Facebook.

The four categories of cookies are classified either as temporary (“session” cookies) or long term cookies (“permanent cookies”).

The “session” cookies record your actions in one browsing session. This “session” starts when the page is open and ends when it is closed. Then, the cookies are deleted forever.

The “permanent” cookies are those cookies remaining on your phone or computer for certain period of time. They are enabled when you see again certain website.

Another classification between cookies is made depending on their source: “primary” cookies or “third-party” cookies. The “primary” cookies are created by RECICLAD’OR website once you have visited it, and those “third party” cookies are created by another website than that one visited. RECICLAD’OR website allows “third party” cookies only from the websites approved by the company.

Classification of cookies for RECICLAD’OR

Strictly necessary cookies

RECICLAD”OR uses the “strictly necessary” cookies to:

  • Be sure that you login to the corresponding service when we modify the modality in which our website operates

RECICLAD’OR cookies classified as “strictly necessary” cookies, shall NOT be used to:

  • Gather information that might be used to promote the products or services to you;
  • Record your preferences or the username after you have completed the current visit

By visiting our website, you express your agreement related to the use of “strictly necessary” cookies.

If you block these cookies, we cannot guarantee the security or foresee how the website will evolve for you.

Please find below a list of cookies within the “strictly necessary” category generated by RECICLAD’OR on

Name of cookie Type of cookie Expiration date of cookie Category Typ of use
PHPSESSID „Session” cookie When the internet browser closes Average Session

Performance cookies

RECICLAD”OR uses the “performance” cookies to:

  • Supply statistics related to the modality in which our website is used
  • Improve the website by identifying the errors that might occur

The “performance” cookies of RECICLAD”OR shall NOT be used to:

  • Memorize your preferences or the username after you have completed the current visit

Some of these cookies are managed for us by other companies, but we do not allow these companies to use cookies to other purposes than those ones mentioned above.

Using our website, you express the consent related to the use of “performance” cookies. If you block them, we cannot predict how the website will evolve for you.

Please find below a list of “third party”

Name of cookie Type of cookie Expiration date of cookie Category Type of use
Google Analytics (Third party) „Permanent” cookies 2 years Average Analytics
Webtrends (Third party) „Permanent” cookies 10 years Average Analytics


Functionality cookies

This website does not use functionality cookies.


Target cookie

RECICLAD’OR uses target cookies to:

  • Integrate the support for Facebook

The target cookies of RECICLAD’OR shall NOT be used to:

  • Memorize the user information
  • Display the targeted content

Some of these cookies are managed for us by other companies, but we do not allow these companies to use the cookies to other purposes than those ones mentioned above.

You have the possibility to block or to allow the use of these cookies, but their unlocking may mean that we cannot supply certain services. It is also possible that their blocking prevents us from memorizing that you did not want certain service.

Please find below a list of target cookies:

Name of cookie Type of cookie Expiration date of cookie Category Type of use
Facebook (Third party) „Permanent” cookies Log in with Facebook


Cookies placed by third parties

Our websites may contain cookies placed by third parties, that we do not control. For instance, when you log in to invitations by means of Facebook Connect, Facebook may use cookies or other technologies. Links to the privacy policy, terms and conditions of Facebook may be found here:

We can also allow a third party (for instance Google) to place cookies on our website to generate statistics related to the modality in which these websites are used; occasionally, this thing may include the realization of remarketing activities for the products and services you have seen on our websites or on the websites of third parties. This notification is not valid in case of applications, technologies or websites that are held and/or operated by third parties (for example third parties or third party advertising servers) even if these ones use our technologies to store and to collect information. Despite it, we collaborate with third parties in order to be sure that all the necessary information is supplied to you and that you have the possibility to select. It is recommended to consult the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the permissions and the relevant notifications for the collection, storage and distribution practices of the respective third parties.

Deletion of cookies

If you are not satisfied with the use of cookies on this website, you may easily delete them from the folder of your browser. You can also set your browser to block the cookies or to display a warning notification before a cookie is stored on your computer.

As many types of browsers are available, we will not give instructions for all of them, but you can visit the section “All about cookies”.

If you use Windows Explorer, these ones are

  • Click ‘Windows Explorer’
  • Select ‘Search’ from the tool bar
  • Write ‘cookie’ in ‘Search’ box from ‘Folders and Files’
  • Select ‘My Computer’ from the ‘Look In’ menu
  • Click ‘Search Now’
  • Select and open the folders displayed as result
  • Select the cookie type files
  • Click the ‘Delete’ button to delete the selected files If you do not have Windows Explorer, click “Help” of the “Start” menu and search “cookies” to find information about the search of cookie files.

If you delete the cookies, it is possible not to be able to use part of the services of our website or from other websites.


Further information

For further information about cookies, please visit any of the following web pages:

Useful information about cookies may be found at:

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Guide to Online Behavioral Advertising and Online Privacy produced by the Online Advertising Industry: