Together with Farmec S.A. towards a circular economy. From the theoretical approach to the industrialization of the concept.

On February 9, 2023 we were guests of Farmec S.A. where we coordinated a workshop dedicated to the circular economy.

Together with the company’s management we disseminated the concepts and principles of circular economy, presented approaches to the company’s sustainability strategy and identified opportunities and concrete/practical ways to develop a circular business model.
While at the company level, the concept of circular economy tends to be viewed mainly through a purely engineering and theoretical lens, often ignoring the need for a practical, systemic and integrative approach, at Farmec S.A. things are moving forward by evaluating and designing tactics to improve and innovate the current business model.

Based on its resources and expertise, Farmec S.A. will develop competitive strategies specific to circular business models, positioning itself also from this perspective as a model of best practices in the market in which it operates.

Preventing waste generation is the starting point in developing a circular economy strategy.  For these reasons we continued the working group on February 10, when we focused on waste prevention.  The approach was integrative and addressed the whole supply chain. And from this perspective, Farmec S.A. can be considered a model worthy of being followed.

We are always with our partners in the transition to the circular economy!