Reciclad’OR S.A. became a Platinum member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

For over 50 years ISWA has been fulfilling its global mission by promoting resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption, promoting the best technologies and practices available worldwide, promoting waste management through education and training, exceptional professional qualification programs, and offering a range of scientific, economic and social instruments.

On joining ISWA as a Platinum Member, Diana Cîtu – CEO of Reciclad’OR S.A. said:

“Considering Reciclad’OR’s strategic goal of providing its clients and partners with a successful transition to the Circular Economy, ISWA affiliation came naturally. By accessing the global expertise held by ISWA and getting involved in the activities of the working groups in which experts with an immense professional reputation work, we believe that we will succeed in all our strategic efforts.

For more information about the International Solid Waste Association click here:

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