Reciclad’OR – in the National Top Companies 2023

After almost six years of performance in the domestic market of transferring responsibility for packaging recycling, the results of RecicladʹOR SA are recognized at national level. The company is in the National Top Companies 2023, compiled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

 Reciclad’OR – in the National Top Companies 2023

After almost six years of activity as an Organisation Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (OIEPR), the results of RecicladʹOR SA are recognised and appreciated again this year at national level, with a new podium position in the National Top Companies. RecicladʹOR SA is rewarded this year with the trophy for 2nd place – “Services” field at the 30th edition of the National Top Companies Gala, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR).

We are extremely honoured to be on the podium again this year in the National Top Companies. It is proof that all our efforts and actions taken this year have had a significant positive impact on the market and the national economy.

Just 6 years after its establishment, we have a portfolio of more than 1000 partners, a total of more than 1.3 million packaging waste collected and more than 5 million people impacted by more than 150 CSR and environmental information and education campaigns, which positions us as a market leader in this field. We anticipate from now on that we will successfully achieve all our strategic objectives again this year and we estimate a turnover of over 132 million lei and over 300,000 tonnes of packaging taken back from partners by 2023. 

I thank all our partners, responsible and sustainable companies, for their trust and I am sure that together we will succeed not only in fulfilling legal obligations, but also in making a considerable contribution in protecting the planet for a better future”, – Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR.

National Top Companies – XXX Edition

Since 1994, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) has been compiling the National Top of Companies (NTC), the only institution empowered by an organic law to establish such a ranking for the whole country. The National Top Companies is a benchmark for the business environment, a ranking of the most competitive companies in Romania. The results recorded by the National Top Companies reflect the level of economic growth in our country and at the same time mirror the expansion of Romanian companies on the international market.

The National Top Companies 2023 presents the best-performing companies in seven sectors: industry; services; trade; tourism; Research & Development and high-tech; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; and construction. In 2023, a total of 13,030 companies were included in the top 10 positions. The cumulative turnover of companies ranked in the top ten is €279.3 billion and the operating profit of companies totalled €26.97 billion. The share of profit in turnover represented 9.6% of total turnover.

The NTC 2023 ranking was based on 846,452 financial statements of companies operating in Romania. Of these, 327,867 balance sheets competed for the top 10 positions in the national ranking, in accordance with the methodology of the company rankings implemented by the Chambers of Commerce in all counties of the country. The National Companies Rankings are based on the following economic indicators: net turnover; operating profit; operating profit rate; efficiency of use of human resources and efficiency of use of capital employed.

The award ceremony is attended by managers of the country’s best performing companies, members of the Government, representatives of local administrations and non-governmental organisations – professional associations, chambers of commerce and employers’ organisations, as well as representatives of the media.

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