Reciclad’OR – in the Top Companies in Bucharest 2023

Reciclad’OR – in the Top Companies in Bucharest 2023 The company also received the special award “Innovation in Sustainability” Present for six years on the local market of the transfer of responsibility for packaging recycling, RecicladʹOR SA is again this year in the Top Companies in Bucharest. At the same time, the company is also rewarded for its activity with the special award “Innovation in Sustainability”. For 30 years, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB) has been organizing the Top Companies in Bucharest, which includes leading companies from the business environment of the capital. Reciclad’OR – in the Top Companies in Bucharest 2023 After almost six years of activity as an Organisation Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (OIEPR), the results of RecicladʹOR SA are recognised and appreciated again this year, with a new podium position in the Top Companies in Bucharest. RecicladʹOR SA is rewarded this year with the trophy for second place in the “Services” field at the 30th edition of the Top Companies in Bucharest, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB). During the event, RecicladʹOR also received the special “Innovation in Sustainability” Award. “We are extremely honoured to be present again this year on the podium in the Top Companies in Bucharest. It is proof that all our efforts and actions taken this year have had a significant positive impact on the market and the local economy. And the special award “Innovation in Sustainability” shows us that our actions really have value for the general and specialized public. Just 6 years after its establishment, we have a portfolio of over 900 partners, a total of over 1.3 million pieces of packaging waste collected and over 5 million people impacted by more than 150 CSR and environmental information and education campaigns, which positions us as a market leader in this field. We anticipate from now on that we will successfully achieve all our strategic objectives again this year and we estimate a turnover of over 132 million Ron and over 300,000 tonnes of packaging taken back from partners by 2023. I thank all our partners, responsible and sustainable companies, for their trust and I am sure that together we will succeed not only in fulfilling legal obligations, but also in making a considerable contribution to the protection of the planet for a better future”, – Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR.   Top Companies in Bucharest – XXX Edition The Top Companies in Bucharest is compiled annually by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB). According to the top methodology, of the 163,713 companies with registered offices in the capital that submitted their balance sheets for 2022, 63,631 companies met the eligibility criteria to qualify for the municipality stage. Of these, 7,409 companies entered the race for the awards in seven sections: services, trade, industry, construction, Research & Development and high-tech, tourism and agriculture. The winners were determined according to a complex methodology, implemented uniformly throughout the chamber system, which takes into account quantitative and qualitative indicators. As every year, the award ceremony is attended by managers of the best performing companies in Bucharest, as well as members of the Government, representatives of local government and non-governmental organisations – professional associations, chambers of commerce and employers’ organisations, and representatives of the media. Reciclad’OR SA, 6 years of excellence In its 6 years of activity, Reciclad’OR, has recorded an organic development characterized by:

  • Permanent growth of the partner portfolio;
  • Developing an integrated package of services;
  • Develop strategic and sustainable partnerships at national level with players in the packaging and packaging waste supply chain;
  • Safe fulfilment of all legal obligations for our partners;
  • Fully comply with the principles of business conduct and ethics;
  • Expand and diversify CSR campaigns.

“By providing access to a mix of services, we want to ensure our partners the freedom to choose the most efficient and sustainable packaging solutions, in full compliance with EU requirements that by 2030 all packaging placed on the market should be reusable or recyclable in an economically viable way. We currently have the most complete and efficient portfolio of services that an OIEPR can have in Romania” – Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad’OR. Thus, the Reciclad’OR integrated service package includes:

  • Support services in ensuring separate collection of packaging waste from the commercial industrial stream;
  • Technical and legislative advice on packaging management;
  • Consulting services in the Circular Economy (unique trainings on the national market);
  • Workshop for the elaboration of the Waste Prevention and Management Plan (the lack of this programme is punishable by fines between 20.000-40.000 RON);
  • Online data management platform for packaging placed on the market and recycled ensuring 100% traceability;
  • e-Recycling Platform – dedicated to companies with less than 10 tonnes of packaging per year;
  • Consumer education and information programmes.

Reciclad’OR SA is a member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and the Prevent Waste Alliance (PWA), two of the largest packaging and packaging waste management associations in the European Union.

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