Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR featured in the 100 TOP YOUNG MANAGERS Catalogue – 2022 edition

Philosophy of a young top manager

For this year’s edition of the 100 TOP YOUNG MANAGERS yearbook, the 17th edition, Business Magazin has come up with a different approach to the way the catalogue is produced. Going for a bold approach, they managed to stand out by going beyond the usual questions about business strategies and career goals.

The yearbook includes, as every year, the stories of 100 young people in local business, each year different from previous years. They are managers or entrepreneurs – the future leaders of the most important companies in Romania.

Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR is among the 100 young entrepreneurs who have either taken their first steps in business (the youngest of them is 22 years old) or are managers who already run businesses at regional or national level.  Once again this list – which is not a hierarchy – shows how diverse and big the business world is. There are only 100 names – but the list of winners is certainly longer.

They talked about ambition and success, about what makes them happy, about motivation and achievement. They also asked what they miss, but also what they think is the most challenging thing about our times. Perhaps, most uniquely, we urged them to look at their journey so far and even give themselves a rating for it.

The 100 TOP YOUNG MANAGERS yearbook includes the stories of 100 young people in local business, each year different from previous years. Entry criteria include details such as: age up to and including 40, a management role in a department connected to the company’s core business (a top multinational or entrepreneurial business with revenues over €1m or with an atypical business model), either working in another company. The order of presentation of these young people in the catalogue is random and does NOT represent a ranking.

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