Reciclad’OR – 1st PLACE at national level

The company ranks first in the National Top Companies. Five years of performance

After five years of performance in the packaging recycling responsibility transfer market, RecicladʹOR SA’s results and performance are recognised at national level. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania awarded RecicladʹOR SA the trophy for First Place in the National Top Companies 2022, Services field.

Reciclad’OR – 1st place at national level

With five years as an Extended Producer Responsibility Implementing Organization (EPRMO), RecicladʹOR SAʹs results are recognized and appreciated nationally, with the company ranking first in the National Top Companies 2022.

RecicladʹOR SA received the trophy for the 1st place in the field of Services – group Other business support service activities n.e.c. – category Medium Enterprises, at the XXIX edition of the National Top Companies Gala, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

We are very happy for this award. Our first place in the National Top Companies is a confirmation of our results and performance in these five years of activity, proof that all our efforts and actions taken this year have had a positive impact on the national market.

Since its creation and until today, Reciclad’OR has grown organically, the financial figures, the customer satisfaction barometer, the number of national campaigns carried out, the exceeding of the figure of ONE MILLION tons of packaging waste for which we took responsibility, all these are objective elements that prove the success of this project.

Only in 2022, we have taken responsibility for the recycling and recovery of more than 311,000 tonnes of packaging placed on the market by our more than 800 partner companies, manufacturers and importers from various sectors, as well as large retail chains, which positions us as a market leader in this field. For the year 2022 we estimate a turnover of over 131 million lei.

I want to thank Reciclad’OR team – this award belongs to the whole team, for the hard work and dedication shown during these five years of performance. And I thank all our partners, responsible and sustainable companies, for their trust and I am sure that together we will succeed not only in fulfilling our legal obligations, but also in making a considerable contribution to the protection of the planet, for a better future”, – Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR.

National Top Companies 2022

Since 1994, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) has been producing the National Top Companies (TNF), the only institution authorized to establish such a ranking for the whole country.

The National Top Companies is a benchmark for the business environment, a ranking of the most competitive companies in Romania, based on the following economic indicators: net turnover, operating profit, operating profit rate, efficiency in the use of human resources and efficiency in the use of capital employed.

The 2022 edition of the National Top Companies presented the best performing companies in seven fields of activity: industry, services, trade, tourism, research-development-high-tech, agriculture-forestry-fishery, construction.

The award ceremony was attended by managers of the country’s best performing companies, members of the Government, representatives of local administrations and non-governmental organisations – professional associations, chambers of commerce and employers’ organisations, as well as representatives of the press.


Reciclad’OR – 5 years of performance

In its five years of activity, Reciclad’OR, like OIREP, has experienced an organic development characterized by:

  • Permanent growth of the partner portfolio;
  • Developing an integrated package of services;
  • Develop strategic and sustainable partnerships at national level with players in the packaging and packaging waste supply chain;
  • Safe fulfilment of all legal obligations for our partners;
  • Fully comply with the principles of business conduct and ethics;
  • Expand and diversify CSR campaigns.

Reciclad`OR’s portfolio of services includes services specific to packaging waste management – technical and legislative consultancy in packaging management, specialised collection services, support services for reporting data to AFM, thematic workshops (legislation, collection models, packaging recyclability), specialised training dedicated to employees and held at our partners’ premises; as well as services addressing the design for recycling of packaging placed on the market – consultancy in eco-design of packaging, support services in aligning with essential packaging requirements and EU standards.

“By providing access to a mix of services, we want to ensure that our partners have the freedom to choose the most efficient and sustainable packaging solutions, in full compliance with EU requirements that by 2030 all packaging placed on the market should be reusable or recyclable in an economically viable way. We currently have the most complete and efficient portfolio of services that an OIREP can have” – Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR.

Reciclad’OR SA is a platinum member of the “International Solid Waste Association” (ISWA) and “Prevent Waste Alliance” (PWA), two of the largest packaging and packaging waste management associations in the European Union. Thus, Romania’s voice is heard globally, with RecicladʹOR proudly representing our country in the most prestigious international bodies in the field. At the same time, RecicladʹOR brings to the local level the expertise of major international players, informing its partners about the evolution of the global market, the latest news and trends in the field.