#Together for our planet at the ITU PP BUCHAREST Conference 2022


Reciclad`OR, UiPath, Can Art & Design Festival, Alucro Association and CSR Nest Association, sustainable partners of the event, have prepared eco-experiences for: ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 = 3 weeks, 193 countries and about 4000 participants!

Recycling has no borders with Reciclad`OR, UiPath, Can Art & Design Festival, Alucro Association and CSR Nest Association.

Together we opened the doors of sustainability to the delegates present in Bucharest, including influencers from several countries of the world, invited to ITUPP-22.

Throughout the event, the green partners brought the sustainability component, through unique activities made of 100% recyclable materials.

Reciclad`OR invited participants to discover our planet, which is facing unprecedented environmental and climate change challenges, which together pose a threat to our well-being. There is still time to take firm action and start reducing pollution by increasing packaging recycling to 100%.

The future of the planet is in our hands!

Together with artists and people passionate about art, we turned recycling into art!

Thus, unique paintings made from aluminium cans and other recyclable materials were exhibited, true masterpieces of art. These were exhibited under the umbrella of the Can Art Design Festival (CADF), an initiative of the Alucro Association, which uses the creativity of artists as a way of promoting the reuse of aluminium cans by organising mobile exhibitions using the most successful works, with the aim of raising awareness about the collection and recycling of aluminium cans.

At the same time, the famous angel wing, made of aluminium cans by artist Mihai Alexandru Mocanu, managed once again to attract attention by presenting this masterpiece that encouraged participants to rediscover art through recycling and reuse.

The sustainable component is also ensured through special boxes – Recycling Boxes, supported by UiPath, made only of recyclable material, to encourage people to collect separately.

We strongly believe that digitisation and sustainability are two essential ingredients for a sustainable future. We also welcome the creation of a context that addresses these two dimensions together, and facilitates the development and identification of the right technology solutions to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are glad to have been able to be part of the event and for the opportunity to contribute to its sustainability component” – Margareta Mucibabici, Director Public Affairs and Social Impact, UiPath.

CSR Nest volunteers engage and encourage participants to be even more responsible for our planet.


ITU PP-22, a major event for the global IT&C sector

For 3 weeks, from 26 September to 14 October 2022, Romania will host the most important conference of the UN telecommunications agency – the ITU Plenipotentiaries Conference.

Representatives from 193 countries are in Bucharest these days to decide the future of the organisation, which will influence the development of the IT&C industry globally.

Over the course of three weeks, PP-22 is estimated to have attracted some 4,000 participants, including heads of state and high-level dignitaries from 193 countries, who gathered at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest to reach a shared vision of safeguarding the technological age for current and future generations.

PP-22 will set the overall policies of the ITU, covering the whole of ITU’s work, but in particular key issues such as digital inclusion and bridging the digital divide, or how best to mobilise new and emerging technologies to improve the way people around the world live and work.

The ITU PP-22 event supports the goals of sustainability, gender equality and youth inclusion on the United Nations agenda.

#We Love Green!

Details here: https://bucharestpp22.gov.ro


RecicladʹOR, the local market leader in responsibility transfer, takes responsibility for packaging recycling for over 800 companies that bring packaged products to the national market, successfully meeting recycling targets. Since its launch, Reciclad’OR has carried out over 100 online and offline information and awareness campaigns, in partnership with state authorities, non-governmental environment and responsible companies in Romania, carrying out education, environmental, traditional and cultural projects for the general public, from the youngest ages, on the importance of separate collection and recycling of packaging waste.

CADF – Alucro Association, Alucro Association, established in 2010 at the initiative of Can Pack Romania and the European Aluminium Association, promotes exclusively selective collection and recycling of aluminium cans in Romania. Since 2012 it holds the license for the European Every Can Counts program which is currently running in 20 countries. Through implemented projects, such as Can Art&Design Festival, Alucro Association aims to contribute to raising awareness on the importance of recycling beverage cans, an extremely valuable packaging that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties, thus contributing to increase the recycling rate of aluminum cans in Romania.

About Nest CSR Association:

The Nest CSR Association was founded in 2010 with the mission to promote social responsibility among civil society and companies and environmentally responsible behaviour. At the same time, the Association is involved in a number of community and organisational development initiatives with the aim of creating sustainable communities and contributing to the progress of civil society at national level. For more information, please visit www.csrnest.ro.