Samsung – Circularity in packaging and product redesign

Since 2016, Samsung has taken major steps to develop sustainable packaging by simplifying packaging solutions, replacing plastic packaging with paper (or other sustainable materials) packaging and redesigning products.

Such a strategy is specific to circular sourcing models that aim to replace traditional materials with renewable or bio-based materials, with the long-term goal of reducing the extraction of natural resources.

To redesign product packaging, Samsung has formed a task force to design and develop, procure, market and quality control innovative packaging ideas.


  • Resources used: Paper packaging replacing plastic packaging;
  • Prevention: Eliminate plastic packaging / simplify phone charging solution / eliminate magnet;
  • Reuse: Eliminate earphones and encourage reuse of previously purchased ones;
  • Minimisation: Simplify the packaging solution / reduce the amount of paper packaging;
  • Economic benefits: Cost optimization of packaging materials and products incorporated in the phone delivery package;
  • Environmental benefits: reduced carbon emissions and avoided deforestation.