Farmec – recovering and recycling packaging waste

Farmec, one of the largest Romanian companies, which markets products in over 30 countries worldwide, has initiated a take-back program as part of the “Take care of nature as you take care of yourself” campaign, offering consumers the opportunity to return used product packaging to Farmec and Gerovital stores.

The development of the take-back programme from a pilot project to a national programme and the results achieved position Farmec S.A. as a “first mover” in its field of activity.

This is typical of resource recovery models, which aim to recycle into primary raw materials, thus diverting waste from final disposal.


  • Resources used: Packaging waste collected through the take-back programme (50 thousand packaging collected in 2020);
  • Prevention: Collect packaging waste for recycling and stop landfill disposal;
  • Economic benefits: Cost optimization from resource recovery and production of new packaging or new products from recycled material and reintroduced into the economy