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Responsibility towards environment

The environment where we live represents one of the most important responsibilities we have, almost our entire life and, more and more, the life of the generations to follow depend on it.

The accelerated industrialization of the latest century, the development and the use of environmentally unfriendly technologies, the maritime, road or air transports, trigger damages to the nature, mostly irreparable.

The desperate attempts of humans to reduce contamination, materialized by the famous Kyoto Protocols and more recently the Paris Agreement, seem more and more difficulty to put into practice.

The modern society, that one in which we live, does not seem to aim at protecting the future, but rather to live to the fullest, almost irresponsibly, the present time.

The recycling of packages marketed by traders or manufacturers of goods, represents a very important step in reducing the negative impact on the environment, caused by their manufacturing.

European norms in Romania

Romania, according to the norms of the European Union, established a set of regulations that have to be mandatorily followed by all package generators that develop the activity in our country. To this purpose, the Transfer of Responsibility Organizations (TRO) play an essential role in fulfilling the great mission of recycling.

RECICLAD'OR, a TRO that was set up in November 2017, will play a particularly important role in all this recycling chain in Romania.

With a young and dynamic team, having the ambition to help to a better environmental policy, very professional in the field, we will reduce the accelerated industrialization effects from the last century over the environment and we assure all the economic operators we will serve that they have the best partner in order to fulfill the environmental obligations.

Through the services we offer we try to assure all the served economic agents that they have the best partner in order to fulfill the environmental obligations

A brief history of company

RECICLAD'OR was established in November 2017, and its purpose is to play a particularly important role in protecting environment within our country, making important investments within the entire collection – sorting – recycling chain. By its mission, RECICLAD'OR supports both the corporate platforms and the individual responsible behavior, being this way a milestone on the waste management market.

We consider that Romania must be, in the following years, one of the first 10 eco-responsible European countries. Through the working mechanisms put into practice, RECICLAD'OR proposes to propel selective collection, to help educate and make the population aware as regards environment. The biggest manufacturing companies of consumption goods, the producers of foods, the producers of drinks, the importers of food products or household products, the wine cellars, and the list may continue on many pages, represent the main preoccupation of RECICLAD'OR in order to reach the recycling targets.

RECICLAD'OR shall make available to its partners, during the first part of year 2018, an integrated computer system by which all information related to the recycling status, quantities, stakeholders, achievement terms, prices, will be available by the mere accessing of the portal reciclador.green. The system will allow the traditional access using the office computer, and by means of the own application “Reciclador App” for iPhone, iPad or Android system.




Account management by the mobile application or by means of the website.


If you have more offices / places of business, we can cover simultaneously the taking-over of the wastes from all locations.


We assure integrally the responsibility taking-over services, with your minimum contribution.


We operate according to all legal norms in force, assuring to our clients the entire transparency regarding the collection and recycling process.